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District Attorneys office in Monroe County PA.and government offices
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On an October morning my little beautiful girl of 7 got ran over and killed by a man without a drivers license. The man only got a fine for that and a week later i saw him still driving around with the same pick up truck.

Now I have been through every avenue in this trying to get some justice for my little girl. I have been to the DA's office only to be refused to see the da and the secretary told me to go talk with the police then you go to the police and they tell you to talk with the da about why the man who ran over my daughter without a drivers license never got any jail time.

My daughter was treated worse then a dog with no human rights whatsoever. In fact I see animals have more rights. One more thing there are no records in the court house of the man's name who ran over and killed my daughter that means he never went in front of a judge. I tried telephoning everywhere about getting justice for my daughter with no one returning any of my calls. Can you imagine a mother has to beg a Da's office plus other government institutions to try to get justice for my daughter. This is America not a third world country. I can't believe how I am being treated.

We, the undersigned, call for an investigation into Jackie's death so that an unlicensed driver should do some jail time for killing a little girl.

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