Charlottesville City Council & Attorney General
United States of America

On November 5, Ben Gathright and Hayword Johnson watched as an
Albemarle police officer drove his cruiser into artist Gerry Mitchell at the corner
of West Main and Fourth streets.

Witnesses heard the driver apologize to Gerry,
and say that he failed to see him because he was looking down instead of at the
road. The officer pulled Gerry back into his wheel chair rather than calling for
paramedics or offering first aid.

The wheelchair-bound Mitchell is suffering severe arm and shoulder
injuries incurred in the incident. And a doctor believes the stress caused by the
accidents and police misconduct may have caused his renal failure and the
painful gout in all of his joints.

The Charlottesville police department has not charged the driver, but
they went to the hospital and issued tickets to Gerry.

For weeks following the accident, the police, including Chief Longo,
claimed there were no witnesses in spite of their own video proving that there

It is imperative that Gerry Mitchell be treated with respect and dignity
and that the police departments be held accountable for their actions.

We have no confidence in the police departments ability or intention to
adequately investigate themselves.

Therefore, we call upon the Charlottesville City Council and the Attorney General
of the Commonwealth to hold investigations into police misconduct and suspected
corruption in the city and county police departments.

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