Australian Government

Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef was arrested and held in detention without charge and without the right to seek bail, for almost 2 weeks.

After 300 police went through his life, the only "charge" levelled at Dr Haneef was that he "recklessly" gave his SIM card to his cousin - despite this information being given to the police from day one.

Despite achieving bail due to the weak case against him, Dr Haneef has been kept incarcerated because the Australian government overrode the courts and revoked Dr Haneef's visa on the spurious grounds of "bad character". The government says it will deport Dr Haneef regardless of whether he is found guilty or innocent.

Dr Haneef is being held as a "terrorist" with 23 hours per day in solitary confinement.

Recent information has come to light that the prosecution lied in court about Dr Haneef's SIM being found in a jeep implicated in a terrorist act.

Dr Haneef has faced a savage attack on his democratic rights.

We therefore demand:

1. The immediate reinstatement of Dr Haneef's visa, and his immediate release from prison.

2. An end to government interference in Dr Haneef's case.

3. The scrapping of the new "terror" laws, which fundamentally undermine basic democratic and civil rights.

4. The spurious charges against Dr Haneef, which become weaker every day, should be dropped.

5. The Australian government to pay compensation to Dr Haneef and his family for the immeasureable damage they have caused him.

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