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On September 28th, 2017, in Poughkeepsie New York, Christopher Grover tragically lost his life. In the early morning hours of September 28th, Chris was maliciously, and unfairly taken from this world by the mother of his children while his children slept in their beds only a very short distance away from Chris. Chris's last breath on this earth was taken with a pistol pressed against his temple which left a signature mark of the muzzle, while he was asleep. His soulless body was found positioned on his living room couch in his relaxed sleeping position.

After Christopher was killed by his live in girlfriend and mother of their children-Nicole Addimando, checked Christopher's pulse to make sure he was dead and then she fled the scene with his 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter in his car. There was evidence that a shower was running with a laptop that was thrown into it, to be destroyed. Nicole Addimando herself sent a heart wrenching, discomforting text message weeks prior to a friend that was read aloud in court. The text "I haven't figured out a way to kill him without being caught so I'm still here" with an emoji that was proven in court that was defined as a grimacing face. How can Nicole say that in written language and then soon after Christopher is dead. The heartbreak that Christopher's children and family feel not having him here is an everyday occurrence. His children have to live their life without guidance, laughter and love from their loving father Christopher.

Nicole told multiple misleading stories throughout the trial and after, of the night she killed Christopher and of their entire relationship. During the trial it came out that Nicole was abused by multiple men throughout her life, however during the trial it was never proven that Christopher abused her in any way. While living with another couple that Christopher agreed upon, Nikki had an affair with the husband. Nicole claimed of multiple abusers throughout the years, but Christopher paid the ultimate price of losing his life. Even through text messages between Nicole and Christopher, Christopher was verbally abused by Nicole. Christopher once said he would leave if it made her that unhappy and Nicole would respond calling Christopher a "man-child" and was very verbally abusive towards him when he was not reciprocating that same behavior. Nicole was convicted of Second Degree murder and possession of a weapon and sentenced to 19 years to life in prison.

Chris was a loving, devoted, accomplished son, brother, compani0n, friend, USA Gymnastics coach, and all around a good individual person. Christopher is greatly missed by his athletes in Mr. Todd's gym. The young girls looked up to Christopher and this outcome hit them very hard. Each year they celebrate his birthday and keep his memory alive in the gym. Nicole Addimando has requested clemency but does not deserve clemency. Nicole took away Christopher's life without him being able to fight for his life. Letters and emails are encouraged to help Christopher's fight. The two people you can send to are Philip.bracey@veterans.ny.gov and Joshua.norkin@exec.ny.gov. Emails and Phone calls to the Clemency Board at PardonsAndCommutations@doccs.ny.gov and to Governor Kathy Hochul are also very encouraged. Kathy Hochul's Phone number is 1(518)-474-8390. Please share and sign this petition in hopes we can have justice for Christopher. Christopher deserves his side of the story to be heard and we are his voice.

We, the undersigned, call on the clemency board to deny clemency for Nicole Addimando. By doing so, will provide justice for Christopher Grover.

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