Chelsey wright a young mother was drugged, in Arizona night club in Sunderland city centre, took to an address in peel street in Hendon, and brutally gang raped by 6 immigrants. All 6 have been given no further action by the CPS. Even though there was there DNA found in and on her body. She suffered substantial bruising to her wrists and body, where she was pinned down. She was burnt with cigarettes and attacked. We need to get justice for her!!!

Please could everyone get on board and make a stand against immigrants in this country breaking the law and going unpunished for there crimes. Crimes that include drugging, kidnapping and raping vulnerable young British woman. We need justice for Chelsey and every other woman what's suffered at the hands of these animals.
The aim is 1000 signature's or more. Please everyone, it's time we protect the woman and children of our country

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