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I have been suffering from CFS/ME for the past 8 years. I was only diagnosed as suffering from the above condition 3 years ago, mainly through lack of professional medical knowledge.

CFS/ME sufferers will experience symptoms that will effect brain and nervous system, Muscle symptoms include pain,exercise intolerance and post-exertional malaise (i.e. feeling fatigued the day after undue physical activity),cardiovascular and muscular deconditioning,nausea,overwhelming daytime fatigue, increased muscle tension, headaches, sleep pattern problems, also will develop emotional lability or mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks etc. There are a vast array of symptoms too many to list here which affect people differently.

After suffering with CFS/ME for so long and after lack of treatment, support and help for this condition I have decided to draw up a petition in order to send to the Health Minister over our concerns with lack of funding and awareness of CFS/ME.

We need to know what is the cause of this illness, how we can cure this illness and also how we can prevent this illness in the future.how to make everyone more aware off cfs/me,we need better treatment facilities,and help with finance and benefit problems.

I am in talks with our local MP Steve Rotheram who will be taking the petition to Parliament so that our concerns can be highlighted with the new coalition Tory/Lib Democrat Government.

Please could you sign and ask other family members and sufferers to sign also, because it is about time we the patients made our government aware of how debilitating and serious our illness is.

Thank you for all the support and hopefully if we keep on complaining our voices will be heard and one day we will all be cured.

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