#Animal Rights

On Sunday the 14th of January Buster was a victim of multiple counts of animal abuse by the hands of 17 year old Claire West, that was publicly shared on the social networking app Snapchat. Claire had no motives for these attacks apart from emotionally damaging her ex partner. These videos were made viral all over Australia, she was then approached by the Rockhampton police department and the Queensland RSPCA where she was sent to a court hearing this morning. Now this despicable human being has been handed nothing but a warning and a slap on the wrist, Buster is now back in the custody of her and her family where this can happen again. Buster deserves a safe and loving environment. Something needs to be done, justice needs to be served, if not for buster for his poor family in Tasmania that had to endure the heart break of seeing their boy being tortured for fun.

We ask everyone to open their hearts to help Buster be taken off this disgusting girl. The more signatures the more chance of him having the life he deserves.

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