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My daughter Alexandria Desmond had just turned 18 years old in February 2007 and was murdered in April 2007... in the most horrible way a person could imagine. The state of Connecticut's mental health system, it's workers and the Honorable Governor M. Jodi Rell not only failed my daughter Alexandria, but also those people who murdered my child. The services provided by our states system are not up to date, in addition to lacking the funds to properly treat and care for those people who suffer from mental illness.

The state of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and Cedar Crest Hospital are just as responsible for my daughter Alexandria's murder as the killers themselves. The state of Connecticut failed five people the night Alexandria died, and they must be held accountable too!

I find it sickening when any state ran agency is at fault they conveniently hide behind what is known as "Sovereign immunity challenges" this is so typical of the state of Connecticut and their actions, they would sooner hide behind the four people who killed Alexandria then to face the fact that they pushed four people through the system that they knew beyond any doubt suffered from extensive mental health issues. No matter how much the state of Connecticut hides behind such immunity, their hands are just as soiled with my daughters blood as the killers themselves.

Alexandria was not the only child murdered or who has died at a Connecticut state ran hospital, this is due to the gross negligence of state officials and the lack of quality programs. Sadly if things continue as they are, Alexandria will not be the last to die in Connecticut's failing mental health system. Our mental health systems are failing around the country and something needs to be done.

Other states have appellate courts which hold state workers accountable for their negligence, and the wrongful death of patients in their care, why is it all of our tax dollars in the state of Connecticut are used on failed projects such as the conditions of bridges and roads in Connecticut or that "rainy day fund" that the Honorable Governor M. Jodi Rell prides herself on, but our government can not be bothered in keeping children/adolescents/people safe while at a state run facility, or even in their own home as was the case with the Petit family.

Let's look at another example of failed state laws... the Virginia Tech shootings is a major example that comes to mind from this year. Had someone in this case the state of Virginia bothered to watch another "dangerous" mentally ill person, those people who were shot would be alive today getting ready to enjoy a new school year and holiday's with their families.

The citizens of Connecticut are made to believe under falsehoods that our state will keep our children and people safe, when sadly the truth of the matter is our children are suffering and being murdered for no good reason other than the state of Connecticut offering insufficient funds to cover the costs of receiving quality services.

It is my hope that through our horrendous family tragedy, we can make changes and stand up for the rights of those who suffer from mental illness, children and adolescents.

I would like to see states change their laws where those people who are working at a mental health facility are held more accountable for their actions such as if a patient pleads with a facility that "they are afraid to be released because they might hurt someone" as was the case with one of my child's accused killers, patients can not continually AWOL because the staff on duty are busy doing other things instead of watching the doors to the facility.

To often in the state of Connecticut people are released from hospitalization long before they are stable enough to be released from the facility. I would also like to see an interim steps taken before anyone no matter of age or gender is released from a mental health facility when they clearly show that they are a "dangerous" mentally ill patient. Had such a law been in place before those people who murdered my child Alexandria were released, this tragedy would have never happened.

My daughter Alexandria deserves justice.... justice also consists of the state of CT stepping up to the plate and changing laws so this horrific tragedy never happens to another family. My daughters murder was not just one that hit my family, Alexandria's murder could have been anyone's child...

Alexandria deserves justice, she was not just a mentally ill troubled teen or the princess in a box ...she was my child and someone who was loved more than words can say.

One change I would like to see happen is electronic monitoring bracelets and intensive counseling for people who are known as an AWOL risks, and dangers to themselves and others.

"Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere".

By signing this petition you are voicing your opinion that the current mental health system is failing and it is time for change. We can make a difference if we speak up!


God Bless-
Gina Desmond - Alexandria's mother always and forever

C/O Gina Desmond
PO BOX 7150
Prospect, CT 06712-0150

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