UN and ICC
D.R. of the Congo

6 Million people was been killed and more million women raped in RD Congo in 1996 to 2003. In 1994 in Rwanda 800,000 people was killed and the entire world was raised to reproach that action and named that Genocide.

All we see the entire World is quiet for DR Congo,
my question will be :800.000 is big number than 6.000.000? if the world say Genocide for 800.000 what name will be given 6,000,000 people killed without any fault?

The actor of this CRISIS is live and every body know them so i need to ask ICC was for Ex Yugoslavia only? why this for Congolese peoples? what is their debts to the world ?what is the UN role and Human right watch they wait? so UN , ICC and all Human right is corruptible? Thanks.

Paul Kagame and Joseph Kabila is needed to be transferred to ICC. UN and ICC its you responsibilities for 6,000,000 people killed and more million raped in RD Congo.

All Human rights Organisation it's your time to stand up for Congolese Rights.

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