Jrock Revolution
United States of America

Are you sick of California getting all of the Jrock band's events/concerts. I certainly am! There's Jrock fans all over the United States, and California gets everything! The Midwest and the East Coast need some loving too!!

Jrock revolution will be in LA, and some of us don't have the money or time to travel 3000 miles to get to California for a one day event. Please sign this competition! We are sick of California getting everything! We want the Jrockers to tour all over, not just California! This petition is not just for this festival, but for every Jrock band trying to perform in our country, if we don't show them they have fans all over, than nothing will happen!

We will show Jrock Revolution/Yoshiki/other Jrock Bands that the rest of the country wants this festival and other performances by other bands too.

We are deprived of seeing some of our favorite bands because of our location in the country. It's not fair that California gets everything!

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