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Nick Jonas has diabetes, and so many people are aware of this. Most people, though, don't think of how many people are effected daily other than Nick Jonas.

We would like to have them do this benefit to help not only Nick, but the many other people who are also effected with this disease.

We would like to get the Jonas Brothers to do a diabetes benefit concert. Originally we were hoping to get JB on American Idol but there only being 5 contestants left, we thought it'd be easier to just have a regular concert. We have been in contact with their street team and are working on the details [: We would like to take a certain percent of the money from the tickets that are sold and put it towards diabetes research.

We feel very strongly about diabetes research, and being that Nick was diagnosed with diabetes, we feel that the Jonas Brothers would be the perfect people to do this.

Please sign the petition and help us with this great cause.

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