All State Legislators – Connecticut General Assembly

Sign this petition today to show your support for Governor Jodi Rell’s proposal to ban the distracting, offensive billboards cluttering Connecticut’s landscape.

Under Governor Rell’s plan, no new contracts for billboards on state-owned property would be allowed, existing billboard contracts would not be renewed and billboards with electronic messages would be stopped.

Frankly, aren’t you tired of driving on our highways, passing by all-too-suggestive billboards and turning red-faced when your child asks, “Mommy, Daddy…what’s that?”

We can protect our children, limit unwanted driver distractions and preserve Connecticut’s precious landscape: Join Governor Rell in telling state legislators to say “No” to billboards on state-owned land by signing this petition today – send this to your friends and family too.

We, the undersigned, call on our state legislators of the Connecticut General Assembly to pass Senate Bill 44 – An Act Concerning Outdoor Advertising.

Send a clear message by signing this petition: It’s time to ban the distractive, suggestive billboards that are cluttering Connecticut's landscape.

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