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The Mission: To induct John Waite into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame since he is the most potent singer of the rock era. In a career that has spanned over four decades, his brilliance and ability to express the soul's romanticism needs to be recognized. It is the fundamental reason we cherish music and John Waite's voice has touched us so profoundly in bands like:

The Babys -- He was the lead singer/bassist of this still-adored 1970s seminal English rock band. The vocal alone on Isn't It Time warrants entry for its wild intensity.

Bad English -- was the epitome of super rock groups. Their first album reached platinum and gold status. Fiery anthems and power rock ballads comprise an extraordinary catalog of songs like When I See You Smile, How Did I Get By, Forget Me Not, and Best of What I Got.

The Voice -- is pure sparkling rock and roll. Huskier for sure, yet crushed and silken as ever, with steadfast nuanced delivery and phrasing. His stirring renditions of songs from Bob Dylan to Bill Withers to Led Zeppelin often outshine the originals.

The Songs -- As a songwriter, his songs are diverse and eclectic with a vibrancy of melodic and harmonic beauty. Each album contains pivotal songs that have influenced countless musicians.

Change, was a high rotation hit of early MTV, and is indelibly etched in the pantheon of this revolutionary music channel. The song In Dreams, originally written for the film True Romance, is so haunting live it often brings people to tears.

Missing You, is his the definitive number one hit, and is a timeless song of love denial sung in the unique blues, rock and roll style he created as a young English rocker. No Brakes, the album which launched this single, reached gold. And his staggering revival of with legendary singer Alison Krauss, forges a line down to the roots of country and blues, which is the foundation of rock and roll. It has been covered by luminary artists such as Tina Turner, Rod Stewart and Brooks & Dunn. And now this 80s song which so impacted the psyche of a generation has even made it into the subplot of Harlan Coben's best-selling novel Missing You. The exciting wait(e) is now on for a movie version to be made by Warner Bros.

The Performances -- are always stellar, religious and intense. The blazing Rough & Tumble tour itself was a tribal bond of the star to his audience and a sublime cohesion of love and artistry. This tour was brilliantly captured on the CD John Waite Live All Access. So whether he is leading a full band, unplugged or purely a cappella, John Waite will always leave an audience transfixed and hypnotized.

Rough and Tumble the title track off the astonishingly raw 2011 studio album reached number one on adult contemporary charts. The 2012 release BEST is a masterful retrospective of integral songs which illustrate the depth and virtuosity of his singular artistry. The year 2014 brought the exciting release of an all acoustic EP called Wooden Heart which depicts some of the most divine articulation and phrasing ever recorded. The latest CD acoustic compilation set features a 2021 version of Bob Dylan's Not Dark Yet that is simply divine, as the acoustic guitar perfectly complements his exquisite earthy, steel stringed vocals.

*In Dreams video: Unsteady Freddie. Thx Freddie.
**Extra Special Thx: Michelle Boyer Charles

WE, the undersigned, believe John Waite deserves induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the basis that he is a performing artist of exceptional talent, often causing audiences to sway with Dionysian ecstasy. Isn't that what rock and roll is for? The heat of an energy so riveting -- owning the stage -- owning us -- rock and roll incarnate.

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