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Johnny Cash Forum

We, the undersigned users of the Johnny Cash Forum, wish to let those in charge of these above services know that we are highly in favor of abolishing the ten year requirements before a commemorative stamp or stamps can be issued of a notable statesman or person as the present law requires.

Many of us use this Forum to create ways to make new friends, be creative individuals and express our need to enjoy a stress-free environment.

Most of us here, use this service to create a chat room dedicated to online role play so that we may interact with others such as us involved in Country Music. This is why that we petition to have two great notables in Country Music (Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash deceased 2004, Honored by Immortalizing them as two of our greatest Country Stars and Citizen's of this great U.S.A. and Europe. And by creating a postage stamp in honor of their memory to the music world.

Remember all the joy and happiness that these Ambassador's of Country Music have brought to millions. We think that ten years are much too long to pay tribute to people such as Johnny and June. Ten years to honor someone of this stature is way too long. Probably a lot of us will not be around in a ten year period to see this honor bestowed on these two Country Artist and others of their stature.

This petition stands the test of time and is consistent with public opinion and broad National and International interest, and features an American related subject.

Various Political interests in Government are being contacted to support our interest and cause. And to see the project's implementation and completion.

We are hereby petitioning that this stamp project to commemorate Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash be brought to the forefront by giving it Top Priority at the U.S.P.S. Stamp Development Committee Without time constraint.

The Undersigned

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