city of Amarillo Texas
United States of America

The John Stiff skate park has a lot of vandalism, drugs, and alcohol this is due to the people just hanging out in the skate park parking lot, not the people that are there to actually bike, skate,etc. As a fellow bmx rider and the bmx community have decided it needs to stop. The community has came up with a plan to stop it.

What we need is a park officer for at least six months to show t the city that the people who really ride and skate are good people, and in the mean wile that will keep all the kids in the parking lot away. Also wile the park officer consist there he can report to the city that we are good people so that the city has incentive to add on.

When they add on they could have a yearly monthly, weekly,or daily pass to skate or ride ranging from 30 for a year 15 for a month 10 for a week and 5 for a day, and we could buy these passes from sun adventure or OE and when we want to go ride the officer scans our passes with a hand held bar code reader, Like a ski lift pass if you have ever been skiing.

The Reconstruction will consist of a building over the top of the skate park, additional lighting for the inside of the building, small and large quarter pipes, a spine transfer standing at 5 feet tall, stair cases with hand rails, more skate rails and hubbas around the the park, banks!

I request that john stiff skate park undergo reconstruction for addition of ramps, rails, hubbas roll ins and a box jump. And a on duty police officer from opening to closing, a gate pass to get into the skate park costing $45 for a year pass, $20 for a month pass $10 for a week pass, and $5 for a day pass.

The officer will enforce the rule of the pass, with out one you will NOT be able to enter the skate park under any circumstances! You will be able to purchase a pass at the local bike and skate stores as well as united supermarkets.

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