Joe Paterno - JoePa
United States of America

November 17, 2003

Two years after Penn State's football coach Joe Paterno became the winningest coach in major college football history, some alumni and fans of Penn State University Football are demanding for JoePa to retire.

I created this petition for fans of Joe Paterno to express their support of this 77-year-old legend "we" call JoePa!

While we all know 2003 will not be a good year for Penn State football by virtue of its record, I am sure there are some very positive days ahead. Join me in supporting this legend through the off-season. When the petition reaches 1,000,000! I plan on hand delivering this petition to JoePa himself!

We, the undersigned fans of the Penn State Football program, would like to petition Joe Paterno to stay at Penn State for as long as he wants.

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