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Appeal Costs Board

I am disgusted that Adrian Bailey the killer of Jill Meagher to appeal his sentence for her rape and murder. This sexual predator has a multitude of convictions against women and girls whilst on bail or parole. Having plead guilty he now is to appeal against the sentence of 35 years and that appeal is to be funded by the Australian taxpayer. That is yours and my taxes at work to allow this animal to be released and re offend against your wife, sister or daughter.

I am all for due process of the law and everyone should be allowed to appeal if they have grounds, but this is sickening to me. I don't pay taxes to free sexual predators to roam the streets preying on women, while people who cant afford to defend themselves are refused legal aid due to lack of funds.

I am asking anyone with any experience in preparing petitions to come to my aid and give me some advice on how to effectively create a online petition and stop this travesty of our justice system. Thank you for any advice and assistance you can offer.

Here is an article that will bring you up to date on this situation http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/law-order/adrian-ernest-bayleys-shocking-criminal-past-as-outlined-to-the-supreme-court/story-fni0ffnk-1226661936266

We the following people for a fair and just legal system request in the strongest terms that the Appeal of Adrian Bailey against the severity of his sentence NOT be funded by the already underfunded legal aid system.

If he is appealing let him fund it himself or raise the money by donation rather than strip the legal aid office of funds that should be used to assist people who are unable to pay for legal representation by any other means.

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