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the Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, Netherlands, there is a monument for the Jewish resistance 1940-1945. Since the eighties of last century, at this site, Jewish organizations have held a commemoration ceremony for victims of the Kristallnacht and Holocaust. But since 1992 radical anti-Israel groups have taken over these events, and have used them for Israel bashing, in what they call " The Alternative Kristallnacht Commemoration". At these events no attention is given to victims of Kristallnacht and Holocaust. Instead people who are invited to speak there say things like "Israeli are the new nazi's and Muslims are the new Jews". They hold these events yearly at the monument for Jewish resistance in WW2, and at the date of the Kristallnacht commemoration, thus abusing two symbols of immense suffering for European Jewry, against Jews. This year they invited, amongst others, Haneen Zoabi, Knesset member who is known for her Hamas sympathy.

This year for example, Knesset MK Haneen Zoabi has been invited to speak. Haneen Zoabi is currently under criminal investigation for allegedly calling up Palestinian Israelis for a 'popular intifada'. Haneen Zoabi was also a participant on the Gaza flotilla in 2010.

We, the working group Joden in Verzet, former Jewish resistance fighters and their relatives, children of Jewish resistance fighters, and other signatories


that over the years since 1992, the Kristallnacht commemoration at the Monument of the Jewish Resistance 1940-1945 got an increasing focus on purely negative calls against the state of Israel.

The extermination of the Jews, Israel and the Jewish communities in Europe are closely connected. The Kristallnacht is commemorated intensely by survivors and the next generation, Jews and non-Jews alike throughout the world, including in Israel.

The date and the monument, both standing for a period of immense suffering for the Jewish community, are now used against the Jewish community. It is tasteless and distressing that the memory of those who gave their lives is being abused in this manner while the monument is being politicized and tainted by this. For us it is clear that the forthcoming 'commemoration' will be no different, as the intended speakers guarantee this. We strongly reject this and are determined to fight these kind of practices. The dead cannot defend themselves against this blatant abuse; therefore we will.

I request urgently that the Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam refuse permission to 'Platform Stop Racisme en Uitsluiting' to hold the Kristallnacht commemoration at the memorial monument Jewish Resistance 1940-1945 at the corner of Amstel / Zwanenburgwal Amsterdam.

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