#Roads & Transport
Governor Desantis, FDOT
United States of America

Join the Concerned Citizens Committee in the fight to preserve Historic Jefferson County and Historic Downtown Monticello.

The proposed toll road (Suncoast Connector) would be devastating to our Historic Downtown economy, diverting traffic around Monticello. The toll road would dissect through our beautiful forest lands, farmland and wetlands, disrupting and forever damaging or ecology and Natural Beauty!

Protect Jefferson County, fight the unfounded, expensive proposed toll road project (Suncoast Connector)

We, the undersigned, are opposed to the Suncoast Connector Toll Road through Jefferson County. We are united in our fight to preserve our Historic Downtown Economy and the Beautiful landscape and Ecology of Jefferson County.

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The Jefferson County Against the Toll Road (Suncoast Connector) petition to Governor Desantis, FDOT was written by Concerned Citizens Committee of Jefferson County FL and is in the category Roads & Transport at GoPetition.