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Jamaicans and Friends of Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica, has been overshadowed recently with a spade of violence caused from a number of political and social blunders. This has a devastating impact on the already torn economy. In fact, Jamaica has lost millions of dollars in the last few weeks as a result of the mayhem.

Jamaicans in the UK and all across the world are saddened by the turmoil. We all love Jamaica dearly and we would like to see a massive transformation in the politics and the social situation in Jamaica.

We are therefore appealing to the good nature of all Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica at home and abroad to intervene and give your support and raise your voices so that Jamaica will one day overcome this adversity and reclaim its rightful position as the PEARL OF THE CARIBBEAN.

Dear Mr Golding,

Jamaicans in the UK and across the world are deeply saddened by the current mayhem which seems to be polarising our nation. While the speedy resolution to swiftly mobilise the security forces to maintain law and order in the country is to be commended, we trust that they will exercise a high level of professionalism in their quest to bring an end to the dominance of crime and corruption which is slowly ripping apart certain facets of our beloved country.

Mr. Golding, Jamaica is once again being highlighted across the world, but dismally for the wrong reason. Sir, your actions in the weeks prior to this civil unrest call for much speculation as it highlights several discrepancies, and we are forced to question your credibility as the one who should be taking the lead in our beloved country. As a Prime Minister of a democratic country, you have been elected to represent all Jamaicans at home and abroad, and there should be no distinction between the leader of a party and the leader of a country. Mr Golding, in order for Jamaica to move away from the negative stigma which has been attached to it for many years, we need those who are taking the lead to do so transparently with zero tolerance to all forms of corruption and criminality.

Sir, your failure to show a clear divide between politics and corruption has created more destruction than good. Our dearest country is now competing with war torn countries across the world, which is a real catastrophe as many innocent lives have been lost in this pandemonium. The sequel is even more disconcerting as Tourism, one of Jamaica’s greatest industries, is paying the ultimate penalty of your wanton lack of judgement in dealing swiftly and tactically with the extradition issue. Sir, we could drone on about your lack of respect for the Jamaicans at home and abroad and simply for not following protocol, however, that will not restore Jamaica to its former glory nor undo the damage to its reputation.

Sir, we are sensitive to the fact that ‘Social Reform’ is the key in transforming the garrison communities so that they can become more functional within our nation. We must face the reality as these problems are quite symptomatic and should not be pushed aside. There needs be a major regeneration of these often forgotten neighbourhoods, since over the years successive governments have conveniently forgotten about their existence, excepting during election when visiting their constituents offers a good PR opportunity. This initiative should be a joint effort between the Government, Opposition and the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica as well as partnership with the Diaspora.

The items listed below are essential to the success of this transformation process:

1. A total reform in the character of these vicinities where businesses are created and will thrive so that these communities can also play a part ‘in advancing the welfare of the whole human race’.

2. Equally, we want you to invest profoundly in education and training for members of these communities so that the high level of illiteracy and ignorance will become a thing of the past and they will feel less inclined to be dependent on ostensible area dons and leaders.

3. We recommend that there be functional community centres which will foster the talents and engage these minds into utilising their skills constructively.

We desperately want Jamaicans within these communities to develop a high level of self-sufficiency and more importantly a sense of pride for self and country so that Jamaica may once again ‘increase in beauty, fellowship and prosperity’.

Sir, it is critical that this recommendation is given high priority to ensure that there is not a repeat of the hostility and civil unrest which is presently plaguing our nation. The UK Diaspora is adamant that there needs to be a thorough transformation of the whole political plethora so that Jamaicans can have a renewed sense of trust in the governance of our dearly beloved country. We are confident that Jamaica can once again reclaim its rightful position as the pearl of the Caribbean and we are determined to do everything in our power to ensure that the government plays its part in making this a possibility. Mr Golding, you are the driver and so we hold you responsible for the direction the country is presently taking and will take in the near future.

Best Regards

Concerned Jamaicans in the UK Diaspora

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