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At least every day I see horrible and sickening videos or photographs on the news/social media etc of people abusing/torturing/dumping animals of all kinds. It’s disgusting to watch and more disgusting to see people go to court only to be allowed to walk free and regardless if that animal gets taken away from them they are free to go and get another one who has to endure such pain/sadness.

THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE LOCKED AWAY TO THINK ABOUT THEIR SICK AND TWISTED ACTIONS AND TO BE FOREVER BANNED OF OWNING A PET. I am creating this petition to hopefully get a LAW put in place to take down all these horrible people that surround majority of our communities. Hopefully with enough backing/support something MORE can be done. Animals have a heart and they also can’t speak up so that’s why we all should!!! Please sign to get attention so the government can introduce more SERIOUS punishments and ACTUAL laws for those sick offenders. JAIL TIME, NEVER OWN A PET AGAIN AND SERIOUS FINES. No matter how small the abuse may be, it will always effect an innocent soul and the good people in the community.

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