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Women have submitted for ages letting men dominate them. Whole societies have based their culture on the preconceived notion that women are inferior to men, and we as women have accepted it. Now that a new day has come and women everywhere have fought for the right of equality. The notion that women can only raise children and men work has gone out the window. Women are now saying we can raise our children but that is not all we can do! In staking our claim in this world we have taken from men what was once unquestionably theirs, power. In taking this power leveling out the playing field if you will, men have now decided if us women want equality then they should have equality in what was once so unquestionably ours.

Men feel that just because they deposited sperm into a woman they have just as much right to the child. The bond between a mother and child does not even come close to the bond the child may or may not form with his or her father. The mother carries the fetus for 9 months changing her whole way of life sacrificing daily. During these months in this society she is most likely working just as much if not more than the sperm donor. She then painfully delivers the child who she will continue to care for and nurture on a constant basis for an extended period of time. She will feed the child from her own body fulfilling all the needs of her child.

Lets look at the roll the potential father plays. He will deposit his sperm. He may or may not care for the woman carrying the child for 9 months. He may or may not be there during the delivery process. He may or may not stay over night in the hospital with the child. He may or may not develop a bond with the child. And still this sperm donor gets his name on the birth certificate as the child's rightful father, giving that man the exact same rights as the woman. Even if the father does everything perfect cares for his child's mother during her pregnancy, is in the delivery room, stays with the child through the night in the hospital and helps raise the child his bond will never have that same level of intensity as the mothers bond is with the child. Therefore how can a father feel that he has the same rights over a child as the mother?

This is not an equality issue for men this is a revenge and control tactic men are using to regain power. So often men will go after the child in a custody battle because he knows it is what hurts his ex-wife the most. So often the child will suffer because she or he is just a pawn to the father. This is not fair or what is in the best interest of our children. It needs to be stopped and in signing this petition you are saying no more! You are saying you will not tolerate your children being used against you! You are saying if you potential fathers want all the same rights us women have over our own children including joint legal guardianship, you need to share in "all" our rights. And that will be accomplished through SBP (Simulated Birthing procedure).

I urge you to sign. In signing this petition you are saying you want equality nothing more, and nothing less.

We the undersigned, call on the government of the United States of America to give mothers their children back. We ask that SBP (Simulated Birthing Procedure) be made mandatory for all potential fathers to have equal parental rights;

1. Upon finding out the woman is pregnant the potential father will be required by law to report to a hospital within 48-72 hours for a cerium injection that will simulate morning sickness. He will be required to report for a period of 1-6 months depending on the mothers on going state.

2. Upon completing cerium injections the potential father may give up his right to joint legal guardianship and be labeled at the sperm donor on the birth certificate.

3a. The potential father will pay for a silicon molding of the child to be made day the child is born.

3b. In the event there is only a sperm donor the state will pay for the silicon molding which will be held at a state mandated facility. This molding will be held for a period of 5 years. Within this 5 year span the sperm donor could purchase this molding. This would allow ample time and availability to obtain rights and assume legal joint guardianship. The price would reflect the costs incurred for the making of the mold, storage and a 25% wage fee* would be paid to the mother of the child.

4. The potential father will have no contact with the mother or child until the SBP (Simulated Birthing Procedure) is complete or until the mother of the child gives consent.

5. The potential father will be by law required to report to the hospital where the mold was taken. There will be a 5 day grace period before the father is deemed absent and will incur a 25% wadge fee*.

6. The SBP (Simulated Birthing Procedure) will be carried out by trained professionals. The potential father will have the silicone baby molding inserted into his anal cavity at the speed the mother pushed the baby out of her vaginal canal. The potential father will only be allowed as much anesthetic as the mother was given at time of labor.

7. Upon completion of SBP (Simulated Birthing Procedure) the father's name will then be put on the child's birth certificate and be given equal guardianship.

* All earnings made by the sperm donor from the date the child was born and or the man and woman separated until the date the procedure is completed.

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