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The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transportation and other members of the House of Commons

I am the mother of a 16 year old boy who was hit and killed by a CN freight train at a dual train, level crossing on February 13, 2012. CN, Transport Canada and our local City Council met and agreed to install Automatic Pedestrian Gates on the sidewalk at the crossing where Jacob was struck. CN has since changed their minds and no longer want to install these gates.

Jacob was not trespassing and was walking where he was supposed to be walking when the accident occurred. We were told based on eye witness accounts that he was distracted while approaching the tracks. Perhaps he saw another train pass by and didn’t realize a second one was coming along the double track. The crossing has an electronic arm that swings down on the road and prevents cars from crossing the tracks when a train is coming, but there are no barriers for pedestrians approaching the track.

Six percent of the total railway collisions involve pedestrians. Grade crossings, while less common than other forms of vulnerable road user collisions, are more likely to result in death or irreparable injury. (Transportation Safety Board of Canada, 2014)

Dual Train crossings: an additional human factor contributing to collisions at crossings is the sudden appearance of a second train, where there are two or more tracks, just after the first train has passed. Since the appearance of a second train seldom occurs in the experience of most people, they may not be expecting this. Therefore warning of this possibility is essential at crossings with more than one track. (Olson and Farber, 2003).

This is why we feel Automatic Pedestrian Gates should be installed at dual train, level crossings. Please help us stop this terrible tragedy from happening to any other family.

Please sign this petition and send a clear message to our Federal Government.

We, the undersigned, call on the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transportation and the other members of the House of Commons to take action to keep all pedestrian’s safe.

We are asking you to implement a new law that legislates Railway Companies across Canada to install Automatic Pedestrian Gates across dual train, level crossing tracks that include a sidewalk.

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