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Americans Pay Dearly to Keep Israel's Nuclear Secrets! When a veteran White House reporter asked President Barack Obama if he knew whether any country in the Middle East possessed nuclear weapons, the President responded that he "didn't want to speculate."

Obama could have simply asked President Jimmy Carter, who became the first ex-president to confirm Israel has 150 nuclear weapons.

Obama could have asked the residents of Apollo and Parks Township Pennsylvania who continue to suffer from toxic waste spewed decades ago by an Israeli nuclear weapons material smuggling front. (PDF)

Obama could have asked populations of Middle Eastern nations who, even as they cast off obsolete systems of government, continue to live under Israel's long nuclear shadow.

But Obama, like former presidents in office, Was following a policy of "ambiguity" about Israel's nuclear weapons. Now that Donald Trump is president, he upholds the American end of a flawed bargain struck by Richard Nixon. It's a bargain that Israel has verifiably violated by secretly testing nuclear weapons (detected by U.S. Vela satellites) and offering to sell nuclear-tipped Jericho missiles to apartheid South Africa.

Worse still, Israel continues to siphon material, technology, funding and know-how from the United States, slowly pulling America out of compliance with the major international agreement that limits the spread of deadly weapons: the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

It's now time to end a corrupt bargain that never should have been made in the first place.

It is time to end "nuclear ambiguity!"

Dear Mr. President and Federal Government Agencies: Israel is a nuclear weapons state. Israel committed many harmful and illegal acts to deploy its deadly arsenal, including some that continue to plague Americans. The United States is not obligated to pretend Israel's nuclear weapons are a secret, or continually deny access to secret files long overdue for public release. In the name of accountability, we demand you end the failed policy of "nuclear ambiguity" and release all classified American records about the creation, funding, deployment and strategic U.S. response to Israel's clandestine arsenal.

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