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A Simple Plan to Stop Hillary and Elect Bernie

There's no need to shut down the Democratic Convention or even have a "messy" one. If we want to stop Hillary and elect Bernie, it's really quite simple.

The Green Party should just announce its intention to nominate Bernie. Period. Jill Stein already said she'd take the second spot on the ticket if Bernie would run as a Green. Her understandable mistake was in thinking that Bernie should have any choice about it. If Bernie asks to be taken off the ticket, the Greens should commit civil disobedience and refuse. This will guarantee that, going into the Democratic Convention, Bernie Sanders will already be promised a place on the national ballot.

The immediate consequence is that it will be Hillary Clinton who, all of a sudden, will have no chance whatsoever, and the message will be loud and clear to the Democratic Party that she cannot be foisted on us (if Ralph Nader had had the kind of support Bernie does, he's the one who would have carried Florida). The Democrats will be left with no way to win without nominating Bernie, in which case the Greens won't be spoilers but enthusiastic partners in getting him elected.

Jill Stein can be Bernie's running mate on the Green Party line, and if he gets the Democratic nomination, he can have a different running mate of his choosing on that ticket. For better or worse, he doesn't represent everything the Greens stand for, but his presence on the Green ticket will help Greens, Democrats and independents alike build the political revolution he's been calling for.

On July 25th, the first day of the Democratic Convention, Cheri Honkala, Jill Stein's running mate in 2012, will be leading a march in Philadelphia (full disclosure: Cheri is on the board of my radio broadcast, the Homelessness Marathon). Cheri's march will be a poor people's march called "The March for Our Lives." It is the only march planned for the Democratic convention that has been denied a permit.

Cheri has taken on the police before, and she'll head the march with elderly and disabled people, forcing the police to either arrest them or let them pass. Jill Stein, who one would expect to be there anyway, should stand with them at the head of the march, bearing an envelope addressed to Bernie Sanders, containing the formal declaration of his Green Party nomination. Let the nation watch as the police decide whether or not to stop such a procession. If it is allowed to go forward and, for whatever reason, Bernie will not accept the envelope from Jill Stein's hands, there will be plenty of Bernie-backing delegates who will.

The reason for taking this unprecedented step is because people's lives really are at stake. All around the globe and right here at home, people are dying from economic injustice. Hillary Clinton, the handmaiden of the plutocracy, isn't going to stop the bleeding. Bernie Sanders will surely do his best, and right now, saving lives, not to mention our democracy, must be of paramount importance.

If the Greens will nominate Bernie and vow to fight to the Supreme Court, should it be necessary, for their right to do so, we won't have to accept the dictates of the corporate-cash-kissing Democratic Party bosses. We'll give those superdelegates something completely non-violent that they'll have to think about, just like if we would have put horses' heads in their beds, and with or without them, we'll have a real shot at putting Bernie in the White House.

Now is not the time to give up!

We the undersigned call upon the Green Party to nominate Bernie Sanders for President.

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