Foreign Embassies in Ukraine

The Soviet times are long gone but the capital city of Ukraine still goes by its old Soviet name, Kiev.

It's hard to move on if the shadow of the past is not only right behind you, but in the name of your country's capital!

As well as Beijing and Mumbai, we want the correct name for our city.

We, the undersigned, have something to say.

How can we ever start a new era in our history if half the world is unaware that something's changed a long time ago in the way we think? When Kiev became Kyiv, it was a symbol of Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic becoming Ukraine, a new independent country with its own traditions, mentality and lifestyle

And the spelling, as well as the pronunciation, shouldn't be derived from Russian. It's only logical that we should proudly say "Kyiv", and that the rest of the world should understand what we mean.

The fact that a lot of people still say "Kiev" is painful and plain wrong.

The aim of this petition is to increase awareness among foreigners and foreign embassies in Ukraine, and hopefully it'll urge them to change the spelling on documents and visas. It's only two letters, but it means the world to all Ukrainians.

We ask for respect, we ask for justice, we ask for Kyiv!


The people of Kyiv

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