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Genetic Technologies

MYRIAD > US bio company has bloody well patented the breast cancer gene!!! The danger of patenting the breast cancer gene> To patent is to own. Someone now owns the breast cancer gene.

If anyone wants to study it in hope of understanding a cure they will now have to pay Myriad to do so. If that's not scary enough. To pass anything in court is known as allowing a precedent.

Then lawyers use this 'precedent' to argue other cases that are similar, it helps them... a lot! Now this has been passed, lawyers can use it for most everything biological. Races could be patented. Blonde hair could be patented. Genetic codes could be patented; we may have to pay to have a cancer free genetic code!

This is not where money and ownership belong. Really... I mean come on guys!

Please sign this first step in our campaign. This one is going to Genetic Technologies here in Oz as it's down right unaustralian to support the sale of humanity! Next step Myriad! (watch this space).

So first off the bat, we'll send in everyone's signatures as a formal petition, But if you'd like to let them know personally as well - here's how; Genetic Technologies 60-66 Hanover Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, AUSTRALIA, 3065 PO Box 115 Fitzroy, Victoria, AUSTRALIA, 3065 (03) 8412 7000 (03) 8412 7040/1

We, the undersigned, call on Genetic Technologies to refuse co-operation with Myriad as it's down right unaustralian to support the sale of humanity!

By signing this petition, I express extreme concern at your actions.

By signing this petition, I advise you that I am a pro-active citizen and will continue to express my opinion.

This signature is that of a decent moral code, and of a caring direction.


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