It is not a criminal offence to sell a minor a violent or sexually graphic video game in Ireland instore or online. There is a growing mood in Ireland amongst parents that it is acceptable to allow 5 to 15 year olds access to games rated 18. If a child has access to an online gaming shop they can easily purchase whatever material they wish if they change their gaming consol to its default setting.

We are now seeing an age of kids who no longer wish for toys for birthdays and Xmas but devices and games that replicate wars scenes and extreme violence. It is our responsibility as adults to ensure the health of our nations children by stopping this alarming practice.

The law must be changed to reflect the radically changed leisure practices of today's children...

Sincerely Karen Morrison (mom of 5 kids)

We the undersigned, call on the government of Ireland, to draft new legislation to make illegal, in this state the sale of 18 rated video games online and instore to minors.

We demand that the Irish government undertake this task immediately.

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