iPod 5G & 5.5G Users

A Software Development Kit is needed if iPod Users want their own games on
their iPods.

Having our own games is a great way to expand what a normal iPod can do, and allow people to customize their iPod by having their favorite games on it, ranging from minesweeper, to hearts, to any game possible.

Many have tried making their own games for the iPod, and have all failed due to limited knowledge of how the iPod game programming process works, and as such a
Software Development Kit is needed.

The iPhone and iPod Touch Software Development Kit is coming out in February, and it's not really fair that certain iPod users can make their own games while others can't.

For over a year now iTunes has released games for the iPod, costing $5 each, with one exception of Apple’s $1 iQuiz.

To date, 25 games have been released in about 400 days. Titles have ranged from Bejeweled to Sonic to Bomberman and more, entertaining those of us who love these games.

However, those of us who love to program feel left out, as we would love to make our own games for the iPod. As such, we require a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the 5th Generation iPods, known as iPod Videos.

If Apple were to license one, we could have our favorite games on our iPods, and explore more of what an iPod can do.

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