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As many of you may know, the organizers of the Giro D'Italia (Tour of Italy) have excluded Team Astana from their race, presumeably as a result of the problems the former management and riders had at last year's Tour.

The clear implication is that Astana may not be invited to the Tour. Please show your support for Johan, Levi and Alberto and ask the UCI and grand tour organizers to recognize that this year's Team Astana is markedly different than last years and that they maintain the highest level of integrity in the sport.

1. I support Team Astana, Johan Bruyneel, Alberto Contador, Levi Leipheimer and the rest of the team.

2. I ask that the Giro organizers reconsider their decision and invite Team Astana to the Tour of Italy.

3. I ask that the UCI intervene in this matter to insure that Team Astana is permitted to race in all of the Grand Tours including the Tour De France, the Tour of Italy and the Tour of Spain.

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