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I started the depo-provera contraceptive injection in October 2000 after having my son and was told by the Dr that once I decide to stop in the future my cycles may take up to 6 months to regulate and for my fertility to return to normal. In Feb 2002 I decided I would not have my next injection as we wanted to try for a baby the following year.

I did not menstruate at any point whilst on depo so was surprised when a cycle in June 2002 begun a string of regular cycles. I thought that everything was back to normal and we started trying to conceive in January 2003. My cycles were regular but nothing was happening. NINETEEN cycles later and I have been referred to a Fertility Consultant at the local hospital and I am on Clomid because there is something wrong with the hormone levels affecting the quality of my eggs.

I am 25 years old, I already have a son and the only thing I have done is take Depo. I have since joined many fertility boards and found that this is a COMMON problem for women who have had depo and I want this recognised. If you are lucky some Dr's give you a 1 year warning for your cycles to regulate but mostly Dr's turn their noses up at you if you suggest your problems are related to depo.

Please sign this petition ladies and let's get something done about this!

I have had / am having fertility problems and want Depo Provera investigated properly.

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