Women and Men who have had this polypropylene mesh implanted
United Kingdom

Polpropylene mesh devices for bladder surgery should not be put in the human body

Our lives have been ruined because we have been used as Guinea Pigs.

The Department of Health in this country couldn't careless and neither does the Medical Regulatory Authority in the United Kingdom.

The F.D.A in America had the decency to issue 2 Health Publications.

The first publication was October 2008 and the second publication was in August 2011. It's a long time coming in the United Kingdom.

Why is the issue of adverse incidents caused by this mesh not published in this country?


The Government, The Department of Health and The Medical Regulatory Authority in the United Kingdom are hiding the facts and complications about this operation.

This operation is barbaric and is mutilating women and also men this operation needs to be banned.

We the women in the United Kingdom and Worldwide have been deeply affected by this operation.

We give thanks to Christine Doppelt from London who managed to get a Health Publication in the Daily Mail Tuesday 16 August 2011 about this operation and it helped highlight how we are all suffering from what we thought was a simple operation.

Well done to Christine!

This operation is leaving people with very serious complications and needing multiple surgeries which is now adding further costs to the National Health Service.

People who have undertaken this operation do not know the facts.

The facts are that they have 14 inches of polypropylene mesh, petroleum based inserted into the body never to come out and permanently embedded forever which we were never told about.

It is a time bomb waiting to go off !

This device TOT/TVT Mesh slings for the bladder was never tested on humans until 2007 and then the trials were halted in August 2009 because of the complications.

This meant 1,000's of women beforehand for at least 5 years have been mutilated by this barbaric operation and are suffering serious health complications with the mesh eroding and other serious complications.

The Consultants in The United Kingdom are still doing this barbaric operation.

The Pharmacutical companies certainly need to look into the serious complications these mesh devices are causing .

We have been used as guinea pigs while pharmaceutical companies are making millions of pounds from these products.

The MHRA in the UK have known about the growing number of adverse incidents in the UK.

At this moment in time they are doing nothing to stop the complications and poor quality of life that this device can bring about to the people that have had this operation.

The FDA in America issued a Health Publication in October 2008 and in August 2011 about the complications of this device used in this operation this should have been done in the UK immediately.

The MHRA needs to seriously issue a Health Publication in The United Kingdom.

We have the right to know exactly what is being done to our bodies when we are consented and should be counselled on all the facts on what can go wrong.

There are to many people suffering in silence because of the toxins within our bodies causing other conditions which are very serious.

I have contacted each Minister of State at the Health Department in the United Kingdom starting with John Reid and Prime Ministers starting with Tony Blair 10 Downing Street and also the MHRA. This has been in the last 4 years about the complications of this device and operation over the last 4 years.

Has anybody listened? NO!

Replies I have had back over 4 years are, from the Health Dept and Downing Street is please refer yourself to the MHRA. I have been going round in circles as they all pass the buck.

I have a shed load of letters and faxes from 4 years to each of the above departments. How long is this going to be ignored in The United Kingdom?

What does this tell you about the Department of Health!

They are more interested in making money £££s than looking after peoples health.

The NHS in this country are allowed to lie, falsify and do whatever without being accountable

I intend to take this petition to parliament in the future.

In the meantime more and more people are being maimed by the continuation of this operation by Consultants in the United Kingdom and Worldwide.

THE Medical Health Regulatory Authority in the United Kingdom 131 Buckingham Palace Road London should be ashamed of themselves.

They are covering up the facts and the number of adverse incidents recorded to them by people who are suffering serious complications with these devices.

They are also helping the Pharmaceutical Companies making millions of ££££s out of a device which is mutilating people.

I am led to believe that The MHRA and a number of Consultants had a meeting to discuss about these operations and mesh devices in March 2011.

The outcome so far is there is still no signs of a wide Health Publication being put out to Consultants, G.Ps or the General Public.

What they did do was to publish that they had a meeting and this was put into a peer article in the European Urology

More is the pity we have to pay £15 to download this article. Where is the transparency?

Please sign this petition.

We the undersigned ask the prime minister to investigate the serious complications of the operation for the tvt sling which is used on women for incontinence.

This operation which is used globally and is being used as a quick fix operation on women is being done without telling them the serious complications which can arise.

This device needs to be investigated further and a Health Publication needs to be issued by the MHRA in the United Kingdom to inform the patients of the serious complications which can arise

This device can break away and gets embedded into your bladder and pelvic organs and can cause serious complications.

We need to open awareness to the public about the serious complications that this operation can bring about.

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