WvWvW is a great feature of Guild Wars 2! To keep things fair in this all-out-war between servers we would like to know if players from other continents are playing on EU servers (Vizunah Square(FR) in particular). If this is the case it has an HUGE impact on players' enjoyment.

Currently there is a lot of frustration on Far Shiverpeaks (EU), Desolation (EU), Riverside (DE) and other servers since they lose almost everything in WvWvW during the night (also called 'nightcapping'). We have reason to believe this is caused by French speaking Canadian guilds (for example the Canadian guilds listed on gw2guilds.org).

We hope ArenaNet will look into this matter and take appropriate actions!

We, the WvWvW players of the top ranked servers of EU, notice that Vizunah Square (FR server) nightcaps a lot. We suspect this is caused by Canadian players. We request that ArenaNet conducts an investigation on the location of players from Vizunah Square during the night.

We hope ArenaNet will take appropriate steps if this is the case. If the nightcapping is caused by any other reason, we will gladly accept our defeat.

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