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This petition regards the flawed election that resulted in Mr Kibaki being sworn in before the proper evaluation of the counting process.

The evidence of the electoral commission and other commissioners confirming that there were anomalies and were under pressure to announce that Mr Kibaki had won the election.

The evidence by returning officers showing that the results at the ground and those announced by the chairman of the electral commission did not match.

The evidence released by the GSU personnel that they were paid Kshs 20000, and were disguised in ODM apparel and asked to go and cause chaos in ODM stronghold so that the electorate would not be able to cast their votes.

These are just but a few shortfalls highlighted that have caused chaos and loss of lives.

It is under these circumstance that we are asking Kibaki to resign and allow an independent body to probe into this issue.

We the undersigned call on Kibaki to resign and allow an independent body to probe into the election results.

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The Investigate Kenyan Election Results petition to PNU was written by Daniel Matata and is in the category Business at GoPetition.

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