Sidcup, Kent
United Kingdom

We moved to Sidcup around 8 years ago and part of the appeal was the well kept green areas around the area including parks, public spaces and grass verges. However, over recent years the Council have appeared to let these green areas become neglected and overgrown and therefore very unsightly.

This year the problem appears to have become more apparent with home owners now taking to cutting and maintaining the grass verges outside their own properties due to the Council's failure to do so. Something which our Council Tax used to cover.

The majority of grass verges in the area are very overgrown but those which have seen a strimmer are not cut with any care and are left in a very poor state.

The Oval and the Glade in Sidcup have also been very neglected with overgrown shrubs, grass and bushes and full of rubbish.

When are the Council going to start looking after these areas again and giving Sidcup back it's 'Kerb appeal'? Too many London Boroughs are being turned into 'concrete jungles', Bexley Council need to start investing time and money into keeping Sidcup's green areas properly cultivated, free from litter stop relying on proud home owners to do their job for them.

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Thank you.

We the undersigned request that Bexley Council start investing in their green and open spaces to include regular upkeep and maintenance of all grassed verges, parks and public open spaces.

These have become neglected and unsightly and our Council Tax should ensure these areas are properly looked after and cultivated on a regular basis.

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