The game developers from tap4fun have corrupted the game, spread lies, halt all communications and are destroying the game. They have taken away most of the games perks to have people play and make them pay. Which started off as a free 2 play game has been evolved into a game where matured and long time players are pushed into payments or they lose many months of game play, the build up social area etc.

Tap4fun has been lying about solutions and so forth but have not given any solace on the decommercialisation of the game. Invasion has turned into a money machine. They need to reward us or being stopped by Google play.

Dear Invasion payer and player. Let's stop the invasion corruption and fight for what we deserve. Tap4fun has been emptying our pockets for to long. It's time to strike back and get what is ours, fair game play, diamonds and as advertised a free2play game.

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