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Recently, reruns begun again for Invader Zim. This does not bother me, except that there was still at least one more episode to show! However, Nickelodean decided that it would offend people if 'Door to Door' was shown. Why? September 11. I am aware that September 11 was horrible, no one is debating that. However, I do believe that some people may be somewhat over sensitive. Think about it. Would anyone have been offended by aliens destroying buildings before? Not most people would have. So, why are we so horrified now? It seems to be because we now relate falling buildings to death. Really? Falling buildings can mean death? No way! Come on!

Any one with a brain knew what could happen if buildings are destroyed. The truth is, September 11 was real. However, the buildings and the people in them in Invader Zim are not. We cannot limit our own culture! We can not limit the range of acceptable material so much that perfectly good potential bits of our culture die! We can not forget the entertaiment is just that, and is not real. The people who die in a movie are not real or do not really die. Death in reality can be mourned.

Serious mourning of deaths in movies or television is ridiculous. I'm sure very few would dispute that. Now then, is the problem that people are reminded of September 11 by such things. This suggests people want to forget the deaths. This, too, is foolish. To wish to forget does more dishonor to the dead than mocking the event. At least mockery accepts that the death happened, while forgetting does not. So, in short, take a risk Nickelodean! WE CAN HANDLE IT!

Nickelodean has decided not to air 'Door to Door' because it contains a virtual reality scene with the Irken Armada destroying buildings. Nickelodean is worried that it will offend people after 9-11. My reasoning is quite complicated, e-mail me to request the full version, but here's the cliff's notes version: no one would be complaining had 9-11 not happened, so they can't now without calling themselves all sorts of nasty things. In other words, they have to hate that which they were before 9-11. Nickelodean, we can handle it! Show us 'Door to Door', uncut and unedited!

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