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Alabama, along with the rest of the United States of America use the imperial measurement system (inches, yards, miles). The rest of the world excluding Liberia and Burma use the metric system of measuring. The entire scientific community also uses the metric system. The reasons for which this petition is being created is to reform the state of Alabama and make it officially the first metric state among 50.

The use of imperial measurements in the school system of the United States, specifically Alabama, wastes the time of teacher and student alike. Anyone who is striving for a career in science or engineering will never use the imperial measurement system outside of the classroom. This is because of the dominance of the metric measurement system in the outside world and the scientific community.

For unit conversion help see Online Unit Conversion.

We, the undersigned, hereby request that the state of Alabama convert from the conventional means of measurement (Imperial) and change to the contemporary units found in the metric measurement system.

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