#Animal Welfare
Australian Government

In May of 2008, the Defence Department began culling (killing) a group of around 500 kangaroos in Canberra.

The Government said this action was necessary because the kangaroo population threatened endangered grassland species and to move the kangaroos would have been too costly (for tax payers).

Various dedicated animal welfare groups had been raising funds to help relocate the animals. Sadly, despite their efforts, the cull of these beautiful creatures went ahead. They were systematically rounded up, tranquilised, then shot.

Kangaroos are also an integral part of our heritage, our Australian identity. They belong to this land and deserve to have a safe and permanent place to live.

We, the undersigned, ask the Australian government that should a similar situation arise in the future, they work "hand in hand" with animal welfare groups / activists to find a viable alternative to culling, where ever possible.

We also call on the government to now create a permanent safe haven (reserve) for endangered kangaroos. A sanctuary, where they can live in peace and safety.

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