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Australia has a world class reputation for successful transplant outcomes but sadly has one of the lowest organ donation rates in the developed world. Approximately 11.3 donors per million of population, compared to Spain with 34 per million and America with 24.

With the advent of the 21th century there have been considerable advancements in medical and surgical technological practices and applications, to such an extent it is now possible to successfully complete more invasive surgery such has the transplanting of heart, kidney, lunges etc.

The result being many more terminally ill individuals can now have their life span increased. To meet the need for organs it is necessary for individuals to offer up their bodily organs for transplanting at the time of their own death.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Federal Government to implement a new organ donor registry at a state and national level.

To vote one must be enrolled on reaching 18 years of age onto the Federal Electoral Roll. As the majority of citizens and those permanent residents legally permitted to do so, do appear to comply with this law, indicating one's wishes to donate or not should be done in the same manner. Enrolment could be done by either attendance at a local Electoral Office, Post Office, and Medicare office as is presently done or even through one’s own doctor.

In the initial stage those within the community have already registered with the Electoral Office would be required to re-register by means already noted. Through newspaper, TV information adverts, along with the information displayed in various government and non-government locations. Motor Registration Offices, shopping centers etc. Everyone could be duly warned of the change and a date the changes would take place by.

If at any time individual having recorded their wishes to donate or not, desires to change their mind and alter their options, they would need attend the Local Electoral Office or other stated locations to make the change. It is important that everyone is aware that the option to change one mind is always available without the need to indicate the reason for the change.

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