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Australian Government - Department of Human Services

The Australian federal government's decision to axe the baby bonus, effective March 1st 2014 in a bid to save $1.1 billion, will impact all parents-to-be across Australia. The baby bonus payments were initially introduced to help cover the costs involved with having a new child.

This petition seeks your support in introducing a baby box for newborn babies to minimise the impact that the baby bonus cuts will have on families. The baby box is aimed to lesson the stress for new parents by providing basic and essential baby goods such as clothes, toiletries, toys and books.

The baby box is a smart and cost effective program as the cost of the baby boxes will only be a small fraction of the savings received from the baby bonus cuts.

With your support, all babies from all backgrounds will be given a fair and equal start in life.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Government - Department of Human Services to introduce a Baby Box program to aid and support new parents.

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