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In 1997, Congressman Delahunt cosponsored H.R. 2464, A Bill to Exempt Internationally-Adopted Children 10 Years of Age or Younger from the Immunization Requirement of Section 341 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996. It corrected the new immunization requirement of the Illegal Immigration Reform act requiring ALL immigrants to be vaccinated before leaving their homeland.

This bill was necessary to protect the lives of the most vulnerable, children who's health may be compromised by their living conditions, children being adopted by their United States citizen parents.

Now we need help again. Children are once again being required to receive up to 8 vaccines upon leaving their country of adoption. These vaccines are given at one time. This is unhealthy and could be dangerous to many of our children.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-MN has sponsored a bill to fix this situation ONCE AGAIN. Senate bill 1376, A bill to restore immunization and sibling age exemptions for children adopted by United States Citzens has not yet been scheduled for a vote.

We the undersigned request that bill S1376, a bill to restore immunization and sibling age exemptions for children adopted by United States citizens be scheduled for a vote and voted on promptly and favorably. The health and welfare of our often fragile children depend on it.

Our children are being vaccinated in sometimes unclean, unhealthy environments before being sent home on a plane to the U.S. This must stop. Parents must be allowed to have their children vaccinated on their home soil where access to proper medical care is available.

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