We are an organization that battles climate change. One of the simplest solutions to fighting climate change, is planting trees. Billions of trees are cut down every year, that release billions of tons of CO2(and methane), that rapidly speed up climate change. A simple solution would be the replanting of trees, that are cut down, in order to help battle the climate crisis. It is absolutely necessary, for the survival of our planet, that we plant as many trees as possible, in order to avoid this impending crisis.

We, at AnbayTerra, call on the UN and the governments of the world, to instate an international tree planting holiday. In order to combat the impending climate crisis, we ask that the governments mandate that there be a day off, where families and/or individuals can go out and plant a tree. This would save the governments of the world, billions of dollars, and would be an effective way to combat the climate crisis. As one can see, by looking at the time clock, we need to move fast to avoid the 1.5 Degrees Celsius deadline https://anbayterra.org/pages/mcc-carbon-clock(Please click on the 1.5 Degree Celsius option, to see the time we have left).

Billions of trees are cut down every year, and this releases billions of tons of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere, which is rapidly accelerating the climate crisis. We have also experienced an unprecedented amount of forest fires worldwide, due to accelerated climate change due to man. The only solutions available to avoid the 1.5 Degree Celsius deadline, are to remove CO2 from the atmosphere with technology and naturally(such as with rocks) and plant as many trees as possible. By signing this petition, you show that you are one of those, who realize we have a limited amount of time left, and that we all have to move fast and do our part.

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