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Diagnosis and treatment of infertility was a $3 billion dollar business in 2006.

10 states currently mandate insurance companies to include coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

For those that live in the other 40 states, 85% of health insurance plans specifically exclude infertility coverage in their policies.

We, the undersigned, are asking our legislators to support and/or sponsor bill H.R. 2892, the Family Building Act of 2007 which has been introduced to the 110th Session of Congress.

Insurance coverage is specifically excluded from the vast majority of medical health insurance plans for the following reasons:
1) It is experimental medicine. (The first child born via In-Vitro fertilization was born in 1978. 20 years of the practice is hardly experimental).
2) It is not medically necessary. (Is Viagra really medically necessary?)
3) It is a life style choice. (Infertility is NOT a choice).

Infertility is a disease. This disease should be covered by all insurance plans that cover obstetrics and maternity services.

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