American Community School: Parent Committee; High School Administration

In the 2013-2014 school year, the class of 2016 had course selection, and decided between being a full IB diploma student, or being an ACP student while taking IB certificates.

Most students realized that having a full diploma would aid them in their acceptance to college, but the workload was deemed to be too great. One major difference, and a key reasoning for the outcome of the choice, was the 3 credits in some courses for ACP, compared to 4 credits in IB. For some this had a great impact on the decision.

Whether it be in the Experimental Sciences, Foreign Languages, or Social Sciences. In 2014-2015, after the choice had been made, the ACS administration changed the course credit requirements to 4 credits for ACP students. Now, the majority of students ,generally, do not drop their classes in Senior year, and finish the 4 credits. But some students made the choice between IB and ACP based off of the choice to drop classes in Senior year.

In signing this petition, I advocate for renewal of the 2013-2014 policy towards the class of 2016, based on the change in ACS policy making some decisions made by students irrational.

The choice between ACP and IB in 2014-2015, is one with different outcomes than that in 2013-2014.

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