#Students' Rights
Ministry of Education

Recent events in universities in Singapore have shed light on how far schools go to protect their students, regardless of what they have done. This is done at the expense of the victim involved, who is left alone to "deal with it" and "accept the outcome".

Singapore has maintained a culture that is largely misogynistic. Though some effort to change that has been made, it is still not enough.

If you believe that suspending a SEXUAL OFFENDER for ONE semester from university is ridiculous, sign this petition.
If you believe more could be done to protect students from sexual predators living in the same hall as them, sign this petition.
If you believe that sexual offenders, regardless of their status as a student or not, or their status in society in general, should be made to face legal consequences, sign this petition.
If you believe that the rule of law in Singapore should be strengthened to pursue appropriate legal remedies against sexual offenders, sign this petition.

If you believe that people in Singapore should not have to feel helpless and live in fear when they experience rape, molest, and any other violation of their bodies, sign this petition.

Edit: Have edited the title from 'harsh punishments' to 'appropriate punishments'. Our end goal is to have the higher ups review their policies on sexual offences within schools and universities, and the new phrasing reflects this more.

We, the undersigned, call on academic bodies in Singapore, to enforce harsher, more appropriate actions, and pursue legal action against students who have committed any act of sexual or non-sexual harm toward a person. Additionally, more support should be given to any student who has experienced trauma. Victims should not be silenced and left with no immediate avenue to pursue action against their perpetrators.

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