#Roads & Transport
Villages in south downs near Worthing
United Kingdom

To request our council to install horse/pedestrian crossing on A24 near Wyevle Garden Centre at Findon Village.

Drivers do not understand the highway code. A Crossing is needed as too many close calls of cars driving around horses doing at least doing 50 to 60mph, and some exceeding these speeds, but rarely police in area to catch them.

Drivers think because they have air bags they are safe, they are not, if a horse were to be hit, drivers,passengers rider and horse will die. The crossing on the A259 has worked well and has not been hindrance to traffic, the cost will be less for A24, as we are not a dual carriageway, neither is there a need for bus control lane.

Cars do not slow or stop when we politely raise our hands for them to do so. Drivers believe we have no rights to cross roads or use village road.

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