#Traffic Safety
Illinois Department of Transportation
United States of America

Pedestrians cross Illinois Route 1 daily near Chestnut Lane in Beecher, Illinois. It can take up to five full minutes to be able to safely cross without having to run in order to avoid car and truck traffic. Many of the high school students choose to run out into traffic in order to get across. This crossing is hazardous.

Route 1 is a truck route that joins with Illinois Rte. 394, which encourages a substantial amount of truck traffic. A traffic signal on Route 1 close to the schools, on or near Chestnut Lane, would make it safer for pedestrians who choose to cross Route 1.

A signal would make it less dangerous for teen drivers and adults picking up children from the school nearby.

We, the undersigned, call on the State of Illinois Department of Transportation to implement a traffic signal in Beecher, Illinois on Route 1 at or near Chestnut Lane to help secure the safety of our children and adult citizens who cross Route 1 as pedestrians or in vehicles.

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