#Natural Gas Supply
Senator John Astle, john.astle@senate.state.md.us
United States of America

The entire distal 2.5 miles of the Mayo, Maryland peninsula has no access to natural gas forcing thousands of residents to depend on expensive electricity (which frequently fails in winter ice storms), expensive other fossil fuels such as fuel oil and propane or wood-wood pellets.

When the electricity supply fails in ice storms the absence of natural gas poses a serious health and life threatening risk to the older and infirm residents of this area.

We the undersigned, call on the Maryland State Legislature to require the Maryland Public Service Commission to require Baltimore Gas and Electric to install at their capital cost, natural gas supplies to all the businesses, institutions, and residents of the Mayo, Maryland Peninsula.

If BG&E refuses to comply with this request or legislated mandate, or raises objections including, but not limited to exorbitant costs, we the undersigned respectfully ask the Maryland State Legislature to pass legislation asking for any and all competitive natural gas suppliers such as, but not limited to, Washington Gas Light Co, to provide the natural gas infrastructure service we request.

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