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Malawi National Library Service

The National Library of Malawi Blantyre Branch is located in the commercial capital of Malawi, the city of Blantyre. It was established by an Act of Parliament in 1967, after the country got independence from Britain in 1964.

Yet up to now, the staff and users of this library have no access to computers. The only computer in the library is an old computer used by the staff in their staff room. Needless to say, this situation is intolerable. Something needs to be done.

We, the undersigned, call on the Director of the Malawi National Library Service to provide computers and other new media appliances in the library as soon as possible.

The Malawi National Library Service was established under the Act of Parliament to operate national-wide public library and information services in Malawi in 1967. Its statutory responsibilities, as stipulated in the Act, are to promote, establish, equip, manage, maintain and develop libraries in Malawi.

We feel that your organisation is failing to fulfil your mission statement which is “to ensure that people of Malawi have access to educational, training, recreational and information materials for national development.”

Ours is one of the poorest countries in the world. If we are serious about changing the status quo, we need to make sure that our people are empowered. One way is by making sure that knowledge is easily shared or transmitted and that the people are taught the means to communicate with the rest of the world.

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